Randolph Community College Photography Alumni Spotlight: Natalia Weedy

Two small girls hugging outside.

Photo by Natalia Weedy

By the time Natalia Weedy was ready to continue her education in 2000, it was a clear to her that she would want to attend either an art or technical school. After searching all of the top photography schools across the country, Natalia admits to being impressed with the Randolph Community College photo department’s “superior facilities,” including the dark room labs and was really attracted to film and it’s processes.

Natalia began her education interested in product photography, driving her towards the commercial concentration, however, going through the program and her internships with Peter Barrett and Jim Erickson where she was able to help with a lot of their shoots and retouching, her interest took a turn toward Lifestyle photography. Natalia graduated from the commercial concentration in 2002. Since 2007, Natalia has been working as a free-lance photographer, traveling for work, building her portfolio and challenging herself. She has two part time employees helping her to manage both production and marketing. She states, “I end up studying and producing a lot of shoots…I really enjoy happening upon a moment and documenting it and incorporate that into commercial work rather than directing it all.”

Natalia stressed the importance of internships as part of her education. She explained how the program, “well prepared me for the internships- it was definitely an awakening to what the world of photography is like.” She went on to add how one thing she learned on these internships that she could not learn in a classroom was client reactions and interaction, dealing with professionalism and not only communication in person, but written correspondents as well, helping to prepare her in furthering her own career as a photographer.

Portrait of photographer Natalia Weedy in ice and snow.

Natalia Weedy

Story by Sarah Martin, Class of 2015

As part of the Fall Journalism class, the Photojournalism students interviewed and wrote a short profile story on a Randolph Community College Photography Program graduate. We will feature a new profile each month over the ne

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