Judy Herrmann Presents at RCC Department of Photographic Technology



ASMP at RCC Thurs. 1/14 @ 6 PM Students Free!

I Need to Jumpstart My Business

Presented by Judy Herrmann

Are you satisfied with the work you’re creating? Do your clients appreciate what you bring to the table? Are you struggling to adapt to a changing marketplace and a down economy? Is your business taking you where you want to go?

Judy Herrmann will share real-world tactics for developing and implementing a plan that will take your career where you want it to go. You’ll learn how to achieve your creative and financial goals, anticipate and adapt to business and technological change, and build a satisfying and stable photography business. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, the tools and techniques shown in this program will give you greater control over your future.

Seminar Topics:

  • Get yourself moving in the right direction
  • Complete an honest analysis of your career
  • Prioritize your goals and activities
  • Exploit your strengths, minimize your weaknesses
  • Anticipate and successfully navigate change
  • Case studies show you how this really works

One-on-one consultations

With nearly 20 years of experience running a successful photography business, Judy Herrmann can show you how to take your photography career to the next level. She’ll help you identify and prioritize your career goals, map out a plan for achieving them and address any immediate business issues or concerns. Use Herrmann as a sounding board or an advisor. She’ll offer clear, objective insights that will help you maximize your strengths, overcome your weaknesses and get you started down the right path for where you want to go. Consultations are ideal for any photographer — new or established — who’s interested in building a creatively and financially satisfying photography career.

Half-hour sessions are scheduled in advance. (Need a whole hour? Take two adjacent sessions.) See upcoming dates and locations.

The Presenter:

“Judy is inspirational, organized and perfect!”
Cindy Schafer

“Very thorough and generous.”
Greg Leshé

“Precise and to the point — wonderful information”
Tony Arrasmith

“Thought provoking and honest”
Gary Buth

© Herrmann+Starke 2008© 2008 Mike Starke, Herrmann+Starke

Judy Herrmann of Herrmann+Starke specializes in digital still life and lifestyle photography for advertising. Her work has appeared in Lurzer’s Archive, Graphis,Communication Arts, the How International Design Annual and Pix Digital Annual. She has been recognized as an Olympus Visionary since 2000. She lectures extensively about digital photography and offers consultations on building a successful photography career. A past president of the American Society of Media Photographers, she received the United Nations’ International Photographic Council’s leadership award in 2008.


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When And Where
Date Location
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
(Social time starts at 6:00 PM)
Asheboro, NC
Randolph Community College, 629 Industrial Park Dr.
Register Online

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