ASMP Bootcamp a huge success!


34 Participants from 5 colleges and a couple of recent graduates attended.

This is part of the note from the ASMP Chapter:

“The first two presenters, Joe Levine and Bob Leverone, played nicely off each other, being exact opposites. Joe, the organized to the nth degree food photographer… (even showing) photographic depiction of his studio procedures, lighting virtuosity, and NASA-like filing system for each and every shot he has ever made, and wowed us with his energy and hilarious personality. Joe later did an amazingly simple and effective lighting demo with his Profoto gear.

Bob topped him by just being Bob, speaking off the cuff while a steady stream of his vastly entertaining sports action shots and sports personality portraits showed in the background, which he never even glanced at, leaving us more in the dark than ever just how in hell he does it. There was obviously a lot of exacting technique, which we could only guess at since Bob, when pressed offered only brief explanations of how many strobes, cameras & what lenses, etc., were involved in his lighting and weirdly wonderful compositions. When a student’s question forced  him to describe scaling the heights of the Georgia Dome rafters and catwalks to sync his strobes to his cameras, I got lost just trying to calculate his gaffer tape bill. We may never know how he does it. I just wait patiently to see more.
The last presenters were RCC alumnus Steven McBride, with his friend and assistant, Adam Pinnell, who did a tag team presentation of Steven’s beautiful outdoor landscape and corporate photography. I  know Steven as my neighbor, but his clients know him as the globe-trotting photographer who always brings home the goods, be it from Caribbean resorts, China, Montana, or Madison County. His assistants know him as the soft-driving perfectionist who will take his entire studio with him if that what it takes to get the photograph. At least that’s what Adam hinted at, being shown at one point tossing a small boy into a swimming pool until the laughing photographer got the perfect splashes.
Adam, who seems to have spent major time in the gym since I saw him last and appeared to be able to one-arm press Stephen with his multiple Canon lenses without breaking a sweat, then did a short stint on being a digital tech, or dit, as I’m told it is called now. This pleased the student photographers greatly when they learned how much more dits can charge than regular gear-toting assistants. Adam later did a great dit demo on a laptop for everyone.
In closing, Steven impressed us all in describing spending his first six years out of college as an assistant before striking out on his own and following his love of the outdoors to his successful career as a location photographer.”

ASMP Workshop This Saturday at RCC

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.17.49 PM

Photo Assistant Bootcamp


Saturday, April 2, 2016
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Social time starts at 8:30 AM
Randolph Community College, 629 Industrial Park Avenue
Asheboro, NC
0.00 — ASMP member (or current RCC Student)

Randolph Community College Photography Alumni Spotlight: Mark Wagoner

Antique camera bellows overlooking cattails and a dragonfly.

            Mark Wagoner is a 1977 RCC commercial photography graduate; his class was the first to go on internships, which Mark found to be influential in his career. He went to Alderman Studios where he worked with some film productions. He has always enjoyed working with movies along with the still picture.

            Reminiscing about his experience of going through the program. “I would say as a student that my full attention was on photography…  But people like Jerry Howell and Bob Heist opened a larger world to me that helped me have a point of view that looks at the larger world. The effect was to teach me how to learn and not just do enough to get by.”

Mark is still involved with the photography program, “I made connections with students but also instructors that have made a big impact on my career, I ended up working on committees and serving as an advisor to the Photo Department.”

Mark has been involved on some really cool projects such as working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the 1980’s and series of portraits of North Carolina’s most influential women in the American Indian Community. He has found himself always pushing himself and finding new ways to reinvent himself and his photographic ability. “I would say a driving force for me is about being open to change, not assuming what you did last year will be okay or good enough…”

Portrait of Mark Wagoner

                                                          Mark Wagoner


Story by Joshua Komer, Class of 2015

As part of the Fall Journalism class, the Photojournalism students interviewed and wrote a short profile story on a Randolph Community College Photography Program graduate. We will feature a new profile each month over the next year.

ASMP Seminar: Real World Pricing & Negotiating To Be Held at RCC Photo Department Mar. 19

Real World Pricing & Negotiating 
plus Group Website Critiques 
and Extended Q&A 
Randolph Community College Photography Dept. 
Tues. March 19, 2013 
 3-9 PM

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Bill Cramer is founder and CEO of Wonderful Machine, a curated directory of high-quality photographers serving commercial and editorial clients worldwide. He is also an accomplished photographer in his own right, specializing in environmental portraiture for a wide range of corporate, editorial and advertising clients including Forbes, BBDO, Comcast and Accenture. In 2007, seeing an opportunity to build a better mouse trap, Bill created Wonderful Machine as a “source book on steroids.” In addition to providing clients with an eclectic selection of photographers from around the world, Wonderful Machine aggressively promotes those photographers using email campaigns, print mailers, web ads, social media, publicity, phone calls, and portfolio events. Wonderful Machine also offers photographers a host of consulting services including help with estimates, production, web design, photo editing and more. The staff members frequently participate in industry events and contribute a popular monthly column on Pricing & Negotiating for Wonderful Machine currently works with over 600 photographers in 50 countries.

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