Camera Bag Requirement

In order to utilize and protect the camera equipment available for qualified RCC Photo students, there is a camera bag requirement.

The bag must be large enough to safely contain and carry a medium format camera. This results in having the minimal interior dimensions of 12″ x 9″ x 6″. The bag must be fully padded, have a sturdy handle or strap system and have space enough for a light meter and film to ride along.

There are many bags on the market from which to choose. A good strategy is to consider getting a quality bag that will last for many years and will adapt, by way of moveable internal dividers, to other camera gear as you progress through the program.

Manufacturer and ModelPrice Range +/-
LowePro Magnum 6500 $200
LowePro Magnum 400 AW $186
Lowepro Fastpack 250 DSLR Camera Backpack$130
LowePro Pro Roller x100 AW $200
 LowePro Pro Roller x200 AW$250
Manfrotto Advanced Tri Backpack – Large $150
 Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-35 Camera Backpack$200
Manfrotto Pro Light RedBee-210 Reverse Access Backpack$190
Portabrace CAR-1B Cargo Case $180
Tenba 638-381 Messenger DNA 15 Camera and Laptop Bag $170
Think Tank Retrospective 10 $170
Think Tank Retrospective 30$200
Vanguard – The Heralder 38 Messenger $150
 f.64 BPX Extra Large Backpack $160

Of course, it’s not possible to list all of the camera bags that meet our specifications and prices may vary depending on the vendor.

For more information about camera bags, check the manufacturer or vendor websites.

LowePro  Porta Brace   Manfrotto   Think Tank  Tenba Vanguard

Rev. 7-28-2020

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