Advertising Videos


The Multimedia Production class worked in small groups to create a 30 second advertising video for the photography department. The assignment is one of two group projects they complete in the semester.

Watch the three videos:

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RCC Photo Multimedia Class Releases Music Videos


Man with guitar in woods

A music video of “Circles and Lines” by David Wimbish by RCC Multimedia students Whitney Keller, Allison Isley, Sarah Louya and Kara Curl

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trio playing bass, guitar and drums

A music video of “The Apartment” by Tangible Dream by RCC Multimedia students, Caitlin Penna, Olivia Jackson, TJ Carr and Jessica Nuzzo

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RCC Multimedia Students Produce Music Videos

The class is assigned to produce a music video for a local musician or band.

The video must include a story telling element.

“If I Had My Way” by Fernanda Baldi

“Serpents” by Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves

“Friar Tuck (Was the Real Hero) by Eyes Eat Suns

“Sinking Feeling” by All My Circuits

RCC Portrait Portfolio Student Video


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Aleece White, recent Randolph Community College Portrait Photography graduate, submitted this wedding video as part of her final Portrait portfolio.