sports photography

Baseball by the Small Format Photography class


                                                                                            Photo by Molly Mathis

Each summer the Small Format Photography class has photographed area baseball games, learning to capture peak action and advance camera controls. This is a selection from the summer of 2016.

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Photojournalism I – Sports Portrait or “Sportrait” is RCC Photo of the Week

female swimmer with goggles.

    Photo by RCC student Allison Isley


To give you the opportunity to photograph an athlete that captures the spirit of the sport and the subject. To gain experience in doing research and developing techniques for on-location lighting. Develop the skills required to produce unique images that capture a subject.


Photograph an athlete. The image must use at least two off camera strobes (effectively) and show the athlete, the venue and the sport.


RCC Photo of the Week: Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball


Photo of the Week by RCC Photo Student Caleb Smallwood

The Photojournalism I class was assigned to photograph a junior varsity prep football game. The result speaks for itself.