RCC First Year Class

Photo of the Week

Tyler Brock_818896_assignsubmission_file_BrockT_week4b

Small Format Photography – Lighting File Inspiration.   Photo by Tyler Brock

This week students were asked to start a lighting file, research a photographer’s image and emulate the lighting technique as a guide to learn on location lighting with small strobes. Tyler placed a strobe outside the Glaze King Donuts shop, aimed through the window as the staff cleans up at the end of the night.

Photo of the Week

Valerie Spencer_817672_assignsubmission_file_SpencerV_Week3

Small Format Photography Weekly assignment – Painting With Light

Photo by Val Spencer

This week students had to create a photograph by using their small strobe to “paint” a scene. Val used multiple gelled strobe flashes in 30 seconds to create this view of the Pisgah Covered Bridge.

Recommended Light Meters


In the beginning of the fall semester of the first year in RCC Photography Technology program students are required to have a light meter. There are several light meters in the marketplace from which to choose and more expensive or bigger isn’t always better.

The specifications for the light meter you will need for the RCC photography program are as follows:

  1. The meter must be able to take both ambient and flash readings.
  2. The meter must be able to take both incident and reflected reading.

Many of our students have found the Sekonic L-308X-U FLASHMATE Light Meter or an older L-308 S series to be a good meter to start with.

If you already have a light meter from another manufacturer please consult with us on the first week of the fall semester.

Below are some suggestions and price points.

Mfg.ModelPrice Point +/-
SekonicL-308 Series$200 – $250
Sekonic*L-478 Series (see below)$390 plus $100-$125
SekonicL-758 Series$550
Shepherd PolarisKarat Flash Meter$285 – $300
GossenDigipro F2 Light Meter$260 – $300
HenselStrobe Master Light Meter$600-$625
*Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478D/L-478DR5 Degree Spot Viewfinder (must have for reflective meter reading)Additional $100 – $125

You can learn more about the above meters on the Sekonic, Gossen, Hensel, Polaris,  web sites.

Rev. 3-3-2022