2017 Graduation Recognition

Madison Wallace

                                                                                          Photo by Eden Holt

Tyler Brock_947988_assignsubmission_file_BrockT_02

                                                                                       Photo by Tyler Brock

Graduation Slideshow

                                                                   Photo by Riley Dare Lowrimore

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Celebrating the multimedia and the photography of the Randolph Community College Photography Class of 2017

Student’s “Open-ish” Portrait Assignment Poses As RCC Photo Of The Week


Professional Portraiture I – Open-ish Assignment – Photo by RCC student Jessica Martin

Each week RCC’s 2nd year Portrait students are given a variety of assignments. Many of the assignments are technical in nature and designed to reinforce fundamental portrait photography skills and concepts. Other assignments are related to the business and workflow of a portrait studio. This assignment is their first full, studio portrait assignment. It’s a fairly open, creative assignment…with a few strict posing, lighting and submission requirements hence the name “open-ish”.