Photojournalism I Illustration Assignment Illuminates and Educates As Photo of the Week


 Editorial Illustration by RCC Photo student Cate Gordon

Photojournalism I¬†students were assigned to create an illustration to accompany a story on overworked students using the following story line. “According to guidelines endorsed by the National Education Association (NEA), a student should be assigned no more than 10 minutes per grade level per night. For example, a first grader should only have 10 minutes of homework, a second grader, 20 minutes, and so on. This means that a student in seventh grade should have no more than 70 minutes of work each night. Yet this is often doubled, sometimes even tripled!”

Learning to use symbols for words and creating an image that did not confuse a viewer if the image is a documentary picture or an illustration were key components of the assignment.

Cate created this week’s Photo of the Week, all in camera, in one frame, using only one light.