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Randolph Community College has worked for 50 years to develop a state-of-the-art, two year photographic curriculum that now attracts students from across the country and the world. Boasting a multi-million dollar, 37,000-square-foot photographic education facility and five full-time faculty/staff and three adjunct instructors, we serve up to 140 students annually. Encompassing the latest digital and multimedia technology, our curriculum builds from a foundation of traditional film and darkroom techniques. Our students enjoy nationwide, hands-on internship opportunities which can lead to careers in a variety of professional disciplines. After completing their foundation year students choose a second year in one of three concentrations areas: Portrait Studio Management, Photojournalism, and Commercial Photography. Our national reputation for excellence and value have been earned by a commitment to the very best in photographic education.

RCC Commercial Students Out On Studio Tours

Several studios were toured by RCC Commercial students who were grateful to the hosts for spending their time with them. While online photography classes can’t provide this opportunity, RCC photography’s hands-on approach can.

Graduation Recognition 2022

Behold, a multimedia showcase featuring the remarkable work of Randolph Community College’s graduating class of 2022. Through their impressive photography projects, the students once again demonstrate that mastering this craft is both demanding and fulfilling.