Tuition and Fees

Equipment and supplies needed will be an additional expense and not included in the costs below.

Refer to the  Equipment List and Timeline for information and a list of required equipment, materials and supplies.

Expenses (Tuition & Fees)

FACTS Payment Plan/ePayment Information

Asheboro and Randolph County area Curriculum students who commute to Randolph Community College may expect to spend an average of $3,200 per year for tuition, books, and supplies, depending on the major selected.

  • Books and supplies will be more costly in majors like Advertising & Graphic Design, Associate Degree Nursing, Cosmetology, Interior Design, and Photographic Technology.
  • Lab fees are an additional expense.
  • Transportation is an additional expense.
  • Certain students must consider off-campus room and board and personal expenses in addition to the above.
  • Students in this category could expect a substantial difference in expense.
  • Students are advised to contact the Admissions Office for specific College expenses.

Please note: The North Carolina General Assembly sets tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state residents. They are subject to change by the General Assembly without notice. Fees are established by state legislative action and/or State Board action and/or RCC Board action and are subject to change.

Semester Hours
In-State 1 through 15 $76.00/Credit Hour
16 and up $1,216.00/Semester
Out-of-State 1 through 15 $268.00/Credit Hour
16 and up $4,288.00/Semester
(new rates effective January 1, 2016)

*Activity Fee – $1.75 per credit hour ($28.00 maximum per semester)
*Technology Fee – $1.00 per credit hour ($16.00 maximum per semester)
*Lab Fees – Dependent on course(s)

*All full-time and part-time regular students will pay an activity fee by the semester on an academic year basis. Activity fees for the summer session will be one half the normal charge, up to 12 credit hours ($9 maximum). Activity fees are used for items and activities that directly benefits students. Examples include accident insurance, parking stickers, spring and fall fests, and student identification cards.


Books & Supplies for Curriculum Programs

The cost for books and supplies will vary according to programs. Equipment costs will be presented at the time of the admissions interview. Click here for a list of estimated expenses per program area (pdf).

Expenses and Fee

Supply costs for photography such as film, paper, mounting materials and other various expendables vary for each student.

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