Randolph Community College Multimedia 30 Second Ads

As part of the Multimedia Production class, students are split into groups for a couple of projects, one of them is create an idea for a 30 second advertisement for the photography department. They must present a storyboard to express their concept for approval. Then produce the advertisement they presented.

Click each image to open the video.


  1. I have seen the four videos, all of them are outstanding.
    I assume that in the “RCC Commercial by Sarah Whelan” the person that is sorting the film rolls around the 8 sec time is KC Eames and I am glad to see Sara in the “RCC Photo Ad by Jessica Martin”, it is nice to “put” faces to names!!


      1. Just watched the videos! Yes, I saw Rita but, I don’t know why, I wrote Sara instead of Rita (forgive Rita!).
        How I wish I could have studied in a place like that! [I guess that the red lighted area in the RCC Commercial video is the printing lab, isn’t it? WONDERFUL!!!]


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