RCC Multimedia Class Time-Lapse Video Project

 Click Here to Watch it.

RCC Photo student Tim Rossland’s video (click here to watch) is very good and well worth a look.

The Multimedia Production class was assigned to create a time-lapse video that incorporated multiple views.

Tim used a dSLR camera, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere to create this look at Greensboro.

To View Additional Time Lapse Videos Click on Names Below


Cate Gordon


Sarah Whelan


Zoe Zielinski


  1. Top notch and professional – Greensboro Chamber of Commerce should get this for their Website. I like the movement of both the camera and subject to create this dynamic time lapse video. Most impressive results!


      1. Hey, *wow*, dein Kommentar in Deutsch. Grandios! Freu mich.
        Ja, ich glaube dir sofort, dass du stolz auf deinen Studenten bist und er hoffentlich auch auf seine tolle Arbeit. 🙂
        Hey, * wow *, your comment in German. Terrific! Looking forward.
        Yes, I think you immediately that you are proud of your students and hopefully he on his great work. 🙂


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