RCC Photography Alumni Spotlight: Stacey Van Berkel

Stacey Van Berkel graduated from Randolph Community College in 2003 with a degree in Commercial Photography. Stacey is from Canada and heard about RCC by word of mouth and how great the photography program was.

When asked about her time at RCC Stacey stated   “I worked really hard. I was there from opening until they kicked me out at 10:00pm.” One of Stacey’s favorite things about the program was seeing all of the visiting artists and photographers who came to the school.

One of the many things that helped her become successful in her career was having the access to all of the equipment that RCC has to offer to their students. All three photography majors make you go through one or two internships during your second year. Stacey interned with Joyce Tenneson and Dasha Wright, both internships were in New York. During her time with Joyce, Stacey said that she and other interns helped Joyce work on a book called “Flower Portraits.” They also photographed Norah Jones at the Polaroid Studio in New York.

Today, Stacey is enjoying her career. “It is a very competitive and challenging career,” said Stacey. Her career has allowed her to travel all over the world. She is currently working on a personal production of a fashion shoot and three catalogs for Bernhardt Furniture.

Stacey has won many awards, including six Addy Awards as a student. She also won a National Magazine Award in 2009. “I’m really grateful for my time at RCC and for the continuing relationship with faculty and students,” Stacey adds,” It was a life changing experience for me.”

Stacey Van Berkel

Story by Carol Anne Simchik, Class of 2015

As part of the Journalism class the Photojournalism students are required to take, the students interviewed and wrote a short profile story on a Randolph Community College Photography Program graduate. We will feature a new profile each month over the next year.


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