RCC Photography Students Up For The Lunar Eclipse

The total lunar eclipse early Wednesday, Oct. 8, just before sunrise.

The moon appeared coppery red, called a “blood” moon, because of the sunsets and sunrises  reflecting on the lunar surface.

During the eclipse, although it’s in the shadow of Earth, a bit of reddish sunlight still reaches the moon.

RCC photojournalism students (and one commercial student) headed out into the darkness to photograph the event.

The series above was from 5:15am till total eclipse around 6:18am when clouds covered the moon.


    1. Thanks Nora. I didn’t go either. Neither coffee nor danish were offered so I let Mr. Jay Capers master photographer and photojournalism instructor do what he does best…adventure imaging! Check out the one he did last year. (Couldn’t find a way to make the link live. If interested copy and paste.)



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