Student’s “Open-ish” Portrait Assignment Poses As RCC Photo Of The Week


Professional Portraiture I – Open-ish Assignment – Photo by RCC student Jessica Martin

Each week RCC’s 2nd year Portrait students are given a variety of assignments. Many of the assignments are technical in nature and designed to reinforce fundamental portrait photography skills and concepts. Other assignments are related to the business and workflow of a portrait studio. This assignment is their first full, studio portrait assignment. It’s a fairly open, creative assignment…with a few strict posing, lighting and submission requirements hence the name “open-ish”.


  1. Very nice, not your conventional portrait – shows off the best features of the model and does not have any extraneous items to compete with the face (which is the whole point of a portrait).
    It may be because the image is small that I cannot see them, but are there key lights in the eyes?
    Otherwise – fantastic image.


    1. Thank you for your kind words Robert. The catchlights are there but are hard to see at this image size. Your latest images from Pa. are very dynamic. Lots to take in both visually and emotionally.


      1. RE: catch lights – everything else was so well done I figured it was just the small size of the web image.
        Thanks for the PA comment – much more to come from this great location on a perfect shooting day for both interiors and exteriors.


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