RCC Biocommunications Photography Students Publish “Lumen III: Impressions of Light”

The book was a collaborative project created by the students enrolled in the Creative Problem Solving class taught by Kevin Eames and is part of the Biocommunications concentration of the Photographic Technology curriculum. This is the smallest class to attempt to make a book, which is the class’s third book. Normally the Biocommunications Photography class averages between ten or twelve students. This year the class totaled four.
This project is designed to help develop problem solving, team building and communication skills. Students were responsible for the creation of the images, cover design, layout, marketing, publishing and copyright issues.  “A compilation of images might seem to be an easy project, but in reality the work consists of layer upon layer of troubleshooting, problem solving, compromise and extra work…on top of an already-busy academic schedule.” says Eames.
The book is available for purchase through Blurb, the publication company; at http://blur.by/1exDuoP
Profits from this project go to the Randolph Community College Foundation for photography student scholarships. The RCC Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides a margin of excellence for Randolph Community College by building a strong relationship with the local community, acquiring and managing contributions, and funding activities that support the College. For more information about the RCC Foundation, visit http://randolphccfoundation.org.
The students who worked on the project are:
Michael Gordon – Cover and Text Design
Lauren Johnson – Editor
Mandy Powers – Layout Design
Dylan Pugh – Marketing Director  


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