2013 Randolph Community College Photography Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 Photography Scholarship Winners
Scholarship: Robert A. Heist Endowed Scholarship
Awarded To: Lewis Perkins
Established by: Family & associates of Robert A. Heist
Criteria for Selection: Second-year Photographic Technology student 3.0 GPA or higher
Recipient should demonstrate “good citizenship” in the department.
Scholarship: John, Kimberly, and Jennifer Hendrick Memorial Scholarship
Awarded To: Yolanda Mills
Established by: Cathy Hendrick
Criteria for Selection: Academic success and the scholarship candidates’ tendency to behave in a Godly manner, as evidenced by factors such as helping others, applying oneself, desiring to learn, a person of integrity.
Scholarship: W. W. & Sue Howell
Awarded To: Jen Gneiting
Established by: W.W. & Sue Howell
Criteria for Selection: Second-year Photographic Technology student 2.5 GPA
Scholarship: Kodak Professional Imaging
Awarded To:  Blue Greene
Established by: Eastman Kodak Company
Criteria for Selection: Second year Photographic Technology student
Award to best all around photography student based on GPA, photo course work, portfolio review, creative and technical ability, initiative, extracurricular activities, communications ability, leadership ability, and faculty recommendations.
Scholarship: Mello-Yello
Awarded To: Scott Myers
Established by: Gossage McFarland Sports Marketing
Criteria for Selection: Second-year photojournalism student Recipient selected by photojournalism instructor(s) based upon student performance; chosen after start of fall semester.
Scholarship: PMA Dixie Division Inc. in honor of Nelson Strawbridge
Awarded To: Christine Shepard
Established by: PMA Dixie Division
Criteria for Selection: Second-year Photographic Technology student based academic performance and departmental citizenship; financial need is an important consideration.

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