Gail Mooney Presents at Randolph Community College Department of Photographic Technology

Converging Media – Adding Video to Your Skill Set
Presented by Gail Mooney
Gail Mooney will discuss the increased demand for video and how to identify potential opportunities for you. What tools do you need? How do you change your thinking from still to motion? What are the business models for video production?

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Asheboro, NC
Randolph Community College, 629 Industrial Park Dr

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Seminar topics

  • Markets for video
  • Tips for shooting motion
  • How to get good audio
  • How to shoot great interviews
  • Camera gear suggestions
  • Editing hardware and software suggestions
  • Business of video production — how not to be just a content provider
  • Common mistakes photographers make and how to avoid them

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