RCC Photography Students Help Out at PHOTOPLUS EXPO

RCC Photo will attend this year’s PPE conference (Photo Plus Expo in New York) as an exhibitor. If you are attending the expo please make time to visit our booth (located just across from the HP Gallery area). We would love to catch up with graduates as well as talk to potential students or industry representatives. We will have faculty and student representatives at the booth for the full course of the expo, starting Oct 18, and ending on Saturday Oct 20th.

Congratulations to six outstanding, second year, RCC photo students who were awarded the honor of representing our program at this year’s PHOTO PLUS EXPO in New York. Each student had to submit a written proposal and interview process to make the final cut.
The selected students are as follows:

Christy Ramsey
Jessey Dearing
Alexa Dunkelberger
Dustin Pressley
Jonathan Andrews
Carolyn DeBerry

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